Marvelution develops and maintains these projects, some to support its software development efforts, others are customer facing projects.

  • Jenkins Integration for Jira

    The Jenkins Integration for Jira app provides insights into build and there relation to issues within Jira, also making these build result relations searchable. For instance, are all the builds successful of issues within a release. Read all about its features here.

    It is advised to also install the counterpart plugin Jira Integration for Jenkins to improve the integration experience.

  • Jira Integration

    The Jira Integration plugin is the counterpart of the Jenkins Integration for Jira app and provides features to improve the integration experience, like:

    • using sync token based authentication,
    • being able to trigger builds,
    • linking issues in changelogs to the actual issue in Jira
  • Publish Marketplace Version Pipe

    Bitbucket Pipelines Pipe to publish a new app version on the Atlassian Marketplace, optionally including release details from Jira. Supports publishing versions for Server, Data Center and Cloud apps. It also supports getting release details form Jira Server/Data Center and Jira Cloud. Refer to the pipe’s readme for the full documentation.

  • Release Jira Version Pipe

    Bitbucket Pipelines pipe to mark a release in Jira as released, optionally looking for a ’next’ version to update and mark released. Works with Jira Server, Data Center and Cloud. Refer to the pipe’s readme for the full documentation.

  • Testkits

    This projects features test kits for:

    • Unit and Integration Testing,
    • Functional Testing,
    • Ngrok utility library.

    Refer to the repository for details on how to use the different libraries.

Reach out to for support.

The following projects have been archived since Marvelution doesn't use them anymore, but will remain available for you to use.